Laura Ingraham discovers Bush is to blame for ISIS: ‘Iraq is worse than before we wen

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    WOW, I'm stunned, particularly for this ALWAYS disdainful FOX talking head whose public persona is HATE OBAMA. Everything she said is what WE have all known--ALL ALONG. Be sure to read the very last line and next to last! And in case the RW'rs on this board have forgotten, AL QAEDA was not in Iraq when BUSH invaded. Now Al Qaeda and ISIS ("al Qaeda offshoot says INGRAHAM) are in IRAQ!
    (Ol Laura might wanna watch her back!)

    We blew it folks and we blew it bad. We blew it tragically. We blew it 'generationally'.

    (Before the boardies 'go off' on me because the HEADLINE isn't PRECISELY in the story headline, we are limited on characters--and it's all in there in the end!!).

    Laura Ingraham discovers Bush is to blame for ISIS: ‘Iraq is worse than before we went in

    By David Edwards
    Sunday, August 10, 2014 11:08 EDT

    Laura Ingraham speak
    Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham lamented over the weekend that Iraq was worse now because President George W. Bush had invaded the country in 2003.

    During a panel segment on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Ingraham if President Barack Obama had made the correct decision by ordering airstrikes against ISIS, a group of Islamic radicals who are taking advantage of a power vacuum in Iraq to slowly seize control of the country.

    “It’s really hard, I don’t think you can judge how he did right now,” she admitted. “We’re almost in an impossible situation. The America people really have no appetite for America to reengage. They don’t want us to go into Syria.”

    “He’s now reluctantly seeing the perils of inaction,” the radio host continued. “If we do nothing here, then what? I mean, let’s say Iraq does fall, which I think is a possibility. Iraq may fall. If, indeed, there are no boots are the ground, not going to happen, can’t happen.”

    Ingraham added that she was “not saying” she wanted to see U.S. forces return to Iraq: “I don’t know if there’s a good solution right now, which is a horrible thing to say for the United States of America.”

    Later in the segment, Ingraham pointed out that al Qaeda — through its ISIS offshoot group — was “becoming the Islamic state.

    “We tried to do all these things in Iraq, now Iraq is worse off!” she exclaimed. “I mean, I hate to say that, but Iraq is worse than before we went in to Iraq. Christians are gone, there’s no sense of order at all.”

    “Saddam Hussein is gone. That’s a good thing, but what’s left? A more embolden Islamic state.
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    Yes, it's all Bush's fault. :rolleyes:

    No one else on either side wanted to go in. No one in Congress on either side voted for it, right?
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    Wowzers. Hmmm.... Might it have occurred to you that no matter how one feels about going in to "get Hussein" that just as many people and groups (on ALL political sides) are blaming Obama for empowering ISIS from pulling troops out of Iraq too fast? (Again, whether or not you think we should have been there... we WERE there, so that's the data that needs to be used.)

    Well now there's a thought! For the record, I don't blame either president because we can't see into the future and no one knew this would happen. But I do strongly suggest you read a history lesson about WHO was on Bush's side to go in. Might surprise ya!

    Oh, and check Obama's track record with things he did (and didn't do) where Syria is concerned. Think that may have empowered ISIS a tad?
    That *is* what the last "S" stands for, after all.
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    Sighs, make no mistake on the situation. Most conservatives in the news media know who to really blame for the current chaos in Iraq. It's just easier to launch into an Anti-Obama rant because it amps up a dangerous part of the American population. This is the ultra right wing militias and I feel people like Laura use her position to preach hate in hopes of these militias attacking the "right people." The facts are clear as day that Bush is the ultimate reason why Iraq is dealing with a more relentless internal war from 2 groups hellbent on control of the country. I don't pay people like Laura no mind, even if she does come to her senses. The fact is she makes a living promoting hate. Period.

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