Leftism, Totalitarianism, Liberalism

Discussion in 'Politics Discussion' started by SilverMill, Oct 13, 2015.

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    What are their claims? What's their noise about? Are they really for liberty and freedom for all? Why do they not make legitimate and evidence-based arguments about lawful policies' effectiveness? Why are they often heard to argue their points with character assassinations, intimidation and fear? Do they know US history and its foundation America is built upon?

    Mind-boggling.:confused: "You're Not a Liberal" as explained by Bill Whittle, FIREWALL.
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    I'm a bit skeptical about all things leftist. Simply because it's often over the top. I like the idea of people being given an equal opportunity... but I do not believe that people should be equal in every sense of the word since that just means that a smart person working his ass off for his whole life will be in the exact same position as someone who doesn't have the smarts or the attitute to succeed.

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