Legal Challenges, Ipos And Stock Market Regulations

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    If we consider this from an outsider’s point of view, when looking to float a company on one of the worldwide stock markets the likes of New York and London are the main contenders. It seems fairly straightforward, investors want large growing companies, growing companies need finance and what better way to crystallise the value of a company than floating on the stock market? However, it is not quite as straightforward as it seems!

    Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco

    The Saudi Arabian authorities are looking to float the state energy company Saudi Aramco on the stock market with a 5% free float. This effectively means that only 5% of the company’s shares will be available to investors although this will be one of the largest ever IPOs and 5% will be an awful lot of money. It is believed that different factions favour New York and London as the stock market of choice but recently the situation seems to have been impacted by potential legal issues.

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