London's Glencore happier, European best performance since January

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    Hard to title numbers, markets and facts, but I tried it anyway. Let's take a look on the European markets of Friday and a little outlook of the week.

    First information: Stoxx 600 index, an index counting a lot of European markets, got +0.3% in Friday, doing a +4.2% for the week, marking the best performance since January of the index.

    Meanwhile, Glencore got +7% because they said they will cut the production of 500,000 tons of zinc in order to resist against the lower commodity prices, the fear of investors they have to manage currently.

    The indexes: FTSE 100 is at 6,416.16 pts, with a +0.65% or +41.34 pts, meanwhile DAX 30 is at 10,096.60 pts, with +1.04% or +103.53 pts, meanwhile IBEX 35 is at 10,309.60 pts, with +1.26% or +128.40 pts, and finally CAC 40 is at 4,701.39 pts, with +0.54% or +25.48 pts.

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