Loyal.finance - Long Term Incentives For Loyal Investors

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    World’s first DeFi Project to award early-adopter loyalty

    "Presale starts on 18th October"

    LOYAL FINANCE, with its $LYL Token, aims to provide long-term incentives for its investors. In the last months, many people fell victim to the short-paced mechanisms of the DeFi World. The loyal.finance team is operationalizing this momentum: We are using our innovative token reward model to reward users who participate long term in the loyal.finance ecosystem while fighting the typical hyperinflation pattern of most current yield farming projects.

    Loyal.finance learned a lesson from previous DeFi launches and - once launched - will emphasize incentives for $LYL stakers as well as the inclusion of deflationary characteristics within the ecosystem to tackle the inflationary issues most of past staking projects had.
    LOYAL.FINANCE only offers 10,000 LYL Tokens in their initial presale and sets up an anti-whale-cap of 250 LYL per person. There will be an absolute maximum of 100 investors who could qualify for the loyal-reward program initially.

    Every day after launch, a snapshot determines the current balance of every $LYL holder. There will be several airdrops — every two weeks — that distribute the “Reward Loyalty Token” ($rLYL) to the account holders, which hold at least 50 $LYL. The longer you hold the token, the more rewards you receive commutatively. In addition to Staking, the $rLYL token will be used as the DAO governance token, delegating the future governance of the loyal.finance ecosystem into the hands of its most loyal supporters.

    Similarly to $LYL, $rLYL will qualify its holders to participate in staking on the upcoming loyal.finance staking-platform. As soon as the staking-platform goes live, two separate Stakingpools will share the total monthly Staking Reward of 8100 $LYL equally. As a result of the scarce characteristics and high entry threshold of $rLYL, only a few qualified holders can participate in $rLYL Staking. Therefore the overall Staking-Reward within the $rLYL-Pool will be much higher than in the $LYL pool. To ensure loyalty, you’ll need to hold the corresponding amount of $LYL for $rLYL-staking to avoid dumps, utilize and enable price-stability for $LYL.


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