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    Mars Panda


    MarsPanda Token Private Sale Live!



    Creating a fair and equitable platform that brings online participants together by directly connecting to one another.


    Mars Panda World- Play with the world a next generation blockchain platform that unlocks gaming assets across diverse ecosystem

    Mars Panda aims to fuse mainstream eCommerce and Gaming to the crypto world of NFTs and DeFi, on one seamless, unified platform.

    It’s a complete eco-system which consists of:
    Games, Social Media and Ecommerce Aggregation
    Yield farming DeFi
    Mars Panda game with NFT game elements
    NFT Marketplace

    AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session with MarsPanda Founder, Mr Kevin Pang

    "Merging e-commerce and Gaming Industry with the crypto world of NFTs and Defi, on a single common platform."

    If you are a gaming enthusiast interested in the e-commerce and cryptocurrency business, this’ll be a real treat for you. We have created a common ecosystem for gaming, e-commerce and the world of cryptocurrency in the face of Mars Panda.

    Who Are We

    Mars Panda was created by cryptocurrency and blockchain expert Mr. Kevin Pang in 2020. Mars Panda is one of the most reliable and trusted names for Defi, NFT and the gaming industry. We aim to revolutionize the world of the gaming industry by blending it up with cryptocurrency trade and mining.

    Our headquarter is stationed in Singapore, and we comply with all the rules and regulations of crypto trade set forth by Singapore.
    Mars Panda's commissioned entity Legatus Global Pte Ltd has now successfully acquired the regulatory exemption under Singapore's Payment Services Act.

    Legatus Global Pte Ltd will also distribute, trade and sell our token, the Mars Panda Token (MPT). It’ll also be responsible for KYC/AML throughout the private trade and distribution of Mars Panda tokens to specific and private investors, ultimately concluding it with cryptocurrency trading.

    Get to Know about Our Blockchain Platform
    The Mars Panda blockchain platform is built on the most reliable Binance Smart Chain or called BSC. Through Mars Panda's platform, people can now access a much-diversified ecosystem consisting of games, NFTs and Defi, lifestyle, and e-commerce applications seamlessly with value portable throughout any system.

    Customers will be able to buy our internal currency called Mars Panda credit. With MPCs internal currency, users will be able to perform trade throughout the application within the ecosystem of Mars Panda. MPC can easily be bought using almost any digital wallet like the visa card and MasterCard Union.

    The best part is that the game credits value for the users won't be restricted for this particular platform.

    Our users can easily exchange MPC for tokens to initiate cryptocurrency trade through or partner payment programs. You’ll be directed to our official site for private sales by clicking on this link.

    We believe in empowering users to hold ownership of in-game assets outside their respective gaming servers, so they don't use unconventional channels to trade them and become cybercrime victims.

    We also want to introduce fair recognition for the gaming community to distribute the monetary benefits evenly among game providers and the gaming community.

    Moreover, we aim to develop a system where small scale game developers can also stay profitable by not paying hefty amounts for their game distribution.

    With Mars Panda, developers can reduce these costs reasonably, which directly increases their ROI.

    Overview of Our NFT Marketplace
    Non-Fungible Token marketplace is a world-class and premium marketplace for cryptocurrency trade. We offer NFTs ready for trading, including user's assets in games, characters, upgrades, private art collections, and real estate in tokenized forms. So what are you waiting for? Let's get you started with Mars Panda tokens private sale.

    To stay up to date with what we do, follow us on our social media handles and official website.

    Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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    Exxaverse is a gladiator-themed play-to-earn game. Experience the glory and gore of battling other online players in a cyber arena.
    The Arena Ticket is your key to The Exxaverse. All profits from ticket sales will be put back into game development. The perks of owning an Arena Ticket can include:

    Weapon airdrops
    Automatic whitelist spot for gladiators
    Opportunity to participate in Arena auctions
    Percentage of revenue will be added to the liquidity pool
    Exclusive access to giveaways
    $EXXA Token Airdrops
    Access to webin
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    What we get here ) doesn't work anymore, at least their website.

    Exxaverse - all features coming soon (
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