Missed Boden? Ape $choden

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    Chinese Boden | $CHODEN


    Missed BODEN? Ape $CHODEN

    Chinese Boden's Fortune Palace

    Meme Coin Turned Crypto Casino

    We're just like BODEN, but retardio, and Chinese. CTO.


    #CHODEN is now LIVE on #DexTools and #Raydium

    Trade $CHODEN seamlessly on the most advanced platforms in the market.


    Strip Club


    Asian Chophouse




    Fortune Palace Casino


    Rewards Program


    The Choden Casino is being planned to accept and win only $CHODEN. Since $CHODEN is a meme and for entertainment only, this is not considered real money wagering and is completely legit. The Choden Rewards Program would therefore be 100% legal. You can buy and sell $CHODEN on Raydium or via Jup.Ag.

    The contract address is: FW6pxGnSi3aT8PshuNmy1PuY7oP8DDwjTWf7fivq5zde


    Website: https://choden.gold

    Chinese Fortune Palace: https://chodensfortune.xyz

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChineseBoden

    Telegram: https://t.me/ChineseBoden

    Chart: https://dexscreener.com/solana/7xewrkxxefmk5w2skgpw6x1z4sstemb4q9qzj1ss1dub

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