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    And because the trading of today is not yet terminated for the United States, I will focus on the one of yesterday first and wait for the today's closure to talk about what happened and give you the scoe.

    You can light up a candle, Dow Jones is on the rise for the 7th session, let's hope it will continue for the good health of the US market and to finally make the Fed pull the trigger once for all.

    As expected, the earnings is the focus, but the gain comes from utilities meanwhile energy shares got a little problem with the current oil falling once again.

    About the numbers: Dow Jones is up at 17,131.86 pts, with +0.28% or +47.37 pts, meanwhile S&P 500 got +0.13% or +2.57 pts with 2,017.46 pts, and NASDAQ Composite rose of +0.17% or +8.17 pts at 4,838.64 pts.

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