MSNBC blasts Hilliary Clinton on private email server statements

Discussion in 'Politics Discussion' started by baudwalk, Jul 28, 2015.

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    You would expect conservative Fox News to continue the attack on Hilliary Clinton for the use of a private email server and accounts during her tenure as Secretary of State. No surprise there. But when big Democract-contributing Comcast-owned MSNBC turns on Hilliary and fires broadside salvos at the presumptive Democratic candidate I find it amazing. MSNBC's Morning Joe actually did some factual reporting! Look at this video.

    Somewhere today (perhaps CNN) I also saw some poll results showing Bernie Sanders leading in Iowa and New Hampshire. Reportedly, according to reporters, Clinton staff are downplaying expectations in the primaries in those states. Not that I put much stock in these voter polls, as sample sizes are usually small, nevertheless I find the news at least somewhat interesting.

    At least today's Hilliary's political news is more interesting than the dismal market performance crumbling under the China economy collapse reflecting in the market exchanges.
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    That is interesting. Comcast might actually be supporting another Democratic nominee. Who knows? I hope they aren't swaying into the Republican way. But my vote is still with Bernie Sanders.

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