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    Alright, this is what my current trading system looks like. I have several USD pairs on the board. They are all on the 4 hour chart and all I do is follow the pretty colors. Red is to sell and blue is to buy. The first 4 pairs (from left to right) usually goes in the same direction, that helps with confirmation, and the last 2 usually goes in the opposite direction of the first 4 (another confirmation).

    All pairs are in play for 10 cents each. Currently I am up $2000 usd. Long term trading. Stress free. Just follow the colors and check your trendlines. Thats it.

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    If you are new in this market, you should choose that kind of broker who can teach you all the basics of forex like low spreads, high leverage and many more things. I am trading with Tpglobalfx. I choose them because they give me low spreads which is 0.01 pips. Their leverage is higher than many other brokers in the market. You can also try their demo account to know about their trading style. They have 56 pairs of FX. Overall, I like them for their all facilities and easy trading method.
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    The key is to understand how it really works and who is right to work with. I was losing funds to a broker and by the time i realised it, i had already lost $52000 which was over half of my savings. I met a friendly trader and she directed me to the recovery agent Mr Bart Kasch. He helped me recover all my money, every penny. Referred him to friends and colleagues already, you can contact him if you need help at [email protected]
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