New In The Stock Market, And I Have A Few Questions

Discussion in 'Stock Market Education' started by orkach, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Hello !
    So im a day trader for around half year and i decided to develop my knowledge on the stock market.
    i have a few questions, that i searched ALL OVER THE INTERNET and couldnt find an answer.
    I will be grateful to those who can help me!

    a) Does the preferred stock include in the "outstanding shares" of the company? if it does its unclear to me, because both common stocks and preferred stocks has different prices..
    b) Does a individual trader\investor can buy a preferred stock ? because i cant find any in my colmex pro platform, there are brokers that works with a common stock and not with a preferred stocks? is it possible?
    c) How many shares\percent do I need to have in order to have the right to vote in company meeting?
    d) Is it possible to invest direct in the index? or only with ETF\Futures ? and if i buy the "SPY" ETF (or any other ETF) , Does it change it's value? just like stocks?
    e) When company doing a split or reverse split, does the price of the stock rised\falling automatically or its because people sell\buy the stock ? how does it works? i do understand that the stock worth less when company split or more when it reverse split, but i do not understand how the price change in the next morning.
    f) How gaps created? i understand that its because there are orders during and day even after market that are in the system and it just apply it, but when i try to put an order it filled only when the market open (09:30), so something not making sense. maybe institutional traders have the privilege to buy it before the individual traders and investors?
    g) Does the Institutionals have any limitation ? i heard that they cant short, and trade stocks that are under 10 dollars. There are any other limitations?

    Thank you!!

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