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WIll Nifty Fill the gaps ?

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    Oct 2020
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    Hello All,

    I have a question on Nifty chart. I have been observing nifty chart for some months & found that previously, nifty had opened gap up in 2020 but that is not filled, & nifty is now moving sideways creating like H&S pattern at the top.
    Secondly, when almost market had crashed ever before reaching level of 7200-7300 in March 2016 Nifty had made W bottom with Gap up opening & it reversed back & then in 2020 it had gone down around 7500 level but corrected after that & now moving sideways. Question is that Why it did not filled the 2016 gap just 6 months ago but had almost reached that levels with around 200 points of diff left & bounced back again to current levels 11700.?

    Is it now the showing the signs of going down below 10000!!! or will be break that level & spike upwards.?

    Not able to upload chart image due to some error.

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