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    Below are my thoughts on what I believe to be a severely undervalued stock. The OPK Stocktwits page has an extremely bullish atmosphere, and for multiple reasons. Many believe this stock will be in the double digits before long due to the COVID 19 testing-

    OPK is expected to receive a huge financial tailwind of revenue from ongoing COVID testing starting with Q2 results and going into Q3. They are parent company of Bioreference Labs who is the third largest COVID tester in the country.

    Since February -

    - Have completed over 100K COVID tests in Florida alone (this (number increases 2k - 4k every day- This is HUGE amounts of revenue being accumulated, and that number is just from Florida alone

    - Signed $150 million contract with Gov Cuomo and the State of New York to do most, if not all their testing

    - Signed contract/partnered with RiteAid - 91 locations across the country are doing drive-thru COVID testing - all via Bioreference

    - Insiders have purchased over 4 million shares

    - BlackRock Investments have purchased 36 million shares

    - Vanguard Investments have purchased 37 million shares

    Partnered with Pfizer on a new HGH drug, investors are eagerly anticipating PR results from this which will be released June 8.

    On top of all that - "short interest" is around 25%, which is very high. When the short squeeze happens (when, not if), it will give the stock an additional skyward pump.

    I'm not an advisor and certainly not trying to tell anyone where to put your money but I'm comfortable being balls deep in the stock long-term.

    I encourage everyone to do your homework!

    Stay healthy, my friends!

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