Owning versus Renting

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    Generally speaking, if your business is highly mobile, it may be better to lease office space. A business or part of a business that mainly provides services such as legal, financial, accounting, staffing, IT, real estate brokerage, etc can be moved around quite easily with minimal time, effort, and headaches.

    If a business or segment of a business has lots of hard assets on premises that make it hard to move around, it may be much more risky to lease property. Retailers, gyms, casinos, car and truck dealers, heavy equipment operators or dealers, etc come immediately to mind.
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    I am sure the vast majority of business owners rent a space. Sometimes those who are in small strip malls find their rent continue to go up year after year however, to the point it is unaffordable. A friend of mine had to close down her business because the rent would become so much higher every year. It became absurd.

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