Practical Expectations for a beginner?

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    Learn and then take action, I think this will better than only reading theory, maybe if only reading theory hence any trader beginner they can easily to understand as long as their brain is included as smart people, but without take action in real condition hence only like as the tree without fruity.

    Set goal at beginner also good to making spirit in learning process, maybe difficulties will faced, but this is not big obstacle if always keep learnng
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    The newcomers always try to earn money quickly. It is quite impossible in forex. The newcomers should know the rules of forex market first. They should learn the basics of forex trading. To know the basic knowledge of forex practically they can create a demo account in TP Global FX. It will help them to trade in forex with lower spreads starts from 0.01 pips. It also give them high leverage which is 1:500 maximum. It can also be with them like a shadow in their forex trading. The trading system is very easy. For me, it is the best option to know about forex for the newcomers.
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    The key is to understand how it really works and who is right to work with. I was losing funds to a broker and by the time i realised it, i had already lost $52000 which was over half of my savings. I met a friendly trader and she directed me to the recovery agent Mr Bart Kasch. He helped me recover all my money, every penny. Referred him to friends and colleagues already, you can contact him if you need help at [email protected]
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