Price Action Trading

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    Price action trading is a kind of technical analysis with no technical pointers. Price action analysis depends on the rule that price reflects everything and thusly price is believed to be the, and just pointer that traders require. In price action trading, price is of most outrageous centrality to the trader/analyst. It is an examination of price in association with the past price (or price history). In this way, price action is just an examination of how price changes. I trade forex with XeroMarkets broker as it is a regulated broker so I feel safe. I additionally like their trading platform as I can trade with no requote even in the surge hour.
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    The key is to understand how it really works and who is right to work with. I was losing funds to a broker and by the time i realised it, i had already lost $52000 which was over half of my savings. I met a friendly trader and she directed me to the recovery agent Mr Bart Kasch. He helped me recover all my money, every penny. Referred him to friends and colleagues already, you can contact him if you need help at [email protected]
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