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    I have my property taxes wrapped up in my mortgage. My property was asessed too high this past year, as I have a bit of foundation damage. I missed the deadline to dispute it, but I made a verbal dispute with he assessors office. My mortgage typically goes up every year based on the higher assessment. The assessors come out in January for the next yera. I want to pay a lower assessed rate before I get a mortgage increase which typically takes place at the end notice of increase of the year. How should I dispute my mortgage increase?
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    I wonder how you can argue with the assessor. Over here, what the assessor indicate is the amount that is followed, no dispute, no argument. But there is a zoning system followed so your property cannot be charged too high or too low. And as I said, what's indicated in the assessment cannot be changed anymore. The tax payment here is discounted when you pay in advance that's why we always pay property taxes in December to avail of the 10% discount.

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