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    So for a while now I've wanted to get involved in the markets in South America. No country in particular, I've just been looking at the general area. After a while of looking, I've come to realise that I can't find enough information about most of the companies to decide if I want to invest in them or not. Even if they have an ADR in the states, the information that they release is usually far from what I'm used to.

    So I've decided to start with an ETF. I owned some ETFs before but sold them in February this year, now it's time to get another one.

    So what I'm looking for is an ETF which:
    -Invests 80%+ into South America
    -pays out a dividend instead of reinvesting them
    -has at least some financial shares in their portfolio
    -does NOT have a lot of oil related shares
    -liquidity is not important but I'd like something where I can sell $10k in an instant without crashing the course
    -can be focused in the whole South America or just specific countries

    Any suggestions are welcome.
    Also if you have some good tools which I can use to screen ETF's with those would be highly appreciated as I have rarely worked with ETF's before.

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