Stocks affected by American embargo against Cuba?

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by Mr.RC, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Hello Forum Members,

    Sorry for the delayed interaction with you guys! Anyways, lets get straight to business :)

    As many of you may know, President Obama was speaking with Raul Castro on "turning a new page" with the American/Cuban (trading) relationship. I want to hear your opinions on what you think may happen; will the American embargo against Cuba be lifted, or will Cuba still be the country it was since the Cuban Revolution?

    Also, what stocks do you think will be affected if this embargo against Cuba lifts? I think that many of the private cigar companies in Cuba will start out as booming IPOs and will turn into INTERnational/public companies that will rise for a very long time; we could potentially see this from Habanos SA (a cigar company in Cuba) and many other cigar companies in Cuba.

    I also think that Chiquita Banana (one of the companies that focused on importing fruit, sugar cane and other consumables from Cuba to America before the embargo) will once again rise drastically. I also read that Cuba has a booming biotech industry, so that will be something interesting to watch out for.

    But most importantly, what do you think? What stocks do you think will be affected by the embargo potentially being lifted from Cuba? Could we potentially see any rising IPOs? Leave your opinion down below!

    Thank you in advanced for your input!


    Mr. RC

    P.S. Here's an article that you guys may find interesting/useful:
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    The whole ´cuban cigar´ thing is a myth. The only reason they are desired in the USA is because we can´t have them. The quality is no different than RD or Jamaica and in most of the world Cuban cigars are no different than any other latin american cigars as far as demand. I am not sure there is much play in Cuba. I don´t think it wil take them long to get production going to the USA, but I don´t think things like Bananas are going to be a big enough draw since they come from basically everywhere in latin america and are already dirt cheap.

    I would think Tourism might be a place to look at though.

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