Stop Learning From Stock Markets And You Are Dead In The Water

Discussion in 'General Trading Discussion' started by longtermbull, Feb 16, 2017.

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    We can all name a handful of investors who have made constant returns over the years which have made them extremely wealthy. These investors are often held in great esteem by private investors and many will follow their every word and their every stock purchase. To the untrained eye it can look as though these “experienced investors” have been there, done it and know everything about the stock market. However, time will show you that once you stop learning from stock markets you are literally dead in the water.

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    Once you think you know it all, you're in trouble.

    Arrogance is the enemy of any investor or trader.

    It's often easy to spot a bullshitter on these boards when they carry on like they're certain of everything, they know it all, they can predict the future, etc. Those bullshitters eventually reveal themselves for the frauds they are and end up getting banned for one reason or another. :D

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