Sunday: your pause?

Discussion in 'Stock Market Education' started by WaveWage, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Sep 2015
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    Because we are all human beings, we probably all need pauses. Okay, in some conditions and in some work, you can't stop the work for one weekday and you have to keep it up everyday, and sometimes you have to stay to your work for months when your work isn't traditional like cashier.

    But I wonder if, in your opinion, Sunday is the right day of pause for investors which might be trying to read news, or doing day trading even if I know day traders aren't really nicely seen from the financial community in general. But being an investor is a work, I guess you all agree. Is Sunday your day of pause? Does pauses helps your efficiency and your ability to take decisions?
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    I try to limit the amount of research and other investment/work-related activity I do over the weekend. But I will usually do at least a little sometime over the course of a weekend. Very unusual for me to not do anything at all related to this stuff from a Friday afternoon until the following Monday morning.

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