Tardycoin/sol ($tardy) ! The Meme-iest Coin In Town

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    TardyCoin/SOL ($TARDY). Meme coin based on Tardy, the Retarded Cat. Created by US lawyer. The Meme-iest coin in town!

    Tardy, the Retarded Cat and the “Retarded Cat” Coin ($TARDY) - the purr-fect blend of comedy and currency. Inspired by my actual cat I found on the streets over 10 years ago. Come on board and join the craze – because why settle for boring and unoriginal when you can have a coin that's as quirky as this unusual hilarious cat? Get ready to embark on a journey of laughs and memes with Retarded Cat Coin – the meme-iest currency in town!


    Who am I, the person behind this meme coin? I am a US-based attorney. I am licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey. and Pennsylvania. I have been practicing law for about 20 years now (and it’s extremely boring). I am also a Certified Forensic Cryptocurrency Investigator (certified my McAfee Institute).

    At first, I thought I was going to reveal my actual name, but then I decided against it. This is because anyone can find my offices by googling my name and I do not want people to contact my office. What I’m trying to do here is to assure you that this coin is not a scam. No rugpulls, no honeypots. If I commit a fraudulent act, I can be easily located in the US. Plus, I would lose my law license (get disbarred), and I don’t want to jeopardize my legal career.


    Important - You MUST read this

    I am not promising you that the coin would succeed. This is a meme coin, with no utility. Meme coins are not investments and are very risky. Buying meme coins is very risky and you can lose all your money. Do not spend more money than you can afford to lose. Nothing contained herein is legal or financial advice. This coin project is for entertainment purposes only. This is not an attorney advertisement. No attorney-client relationship was formed. Do not post or send me any confidential information. I am not looking to represent anyone as an attorney. This coin is not a registered digital currency or security, always make sure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations before you make any purchase.

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    CA: DRejKfmw2kmgqZrJdh7P94443YTUEwHQgT1WTZ5yWb6q

    Website: https://www.tardycoin.com/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TardyCoin


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