Technical Analysis Is The Best

Discussion in 'Forex - Currencies Forums' started by Lindsey J. Crosby, May 10, 2021.

  1. Lindsey J. Crosby

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    Jul 2020
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    Technical analysis is the best thing one can do for forex trading. Because for fundamental analysis you need to understand the economy very well. Whether it is day trading or scalping or swing trading, technical analysis is the key to decide the entry and exit point. But for overall success emotions management is very important. I trade with Eurotrader broker. I am here in this broker since it is a regulated broker and has tight spreads. I likewise can withdraw my cash quickly.
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    Jan 2020
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    Forex is not a game. It needs a lot of knowledge and patience. A trader must have all kind of knowledge about forex market before he starts to trade. Knowledge can be gathered by so many ways. If any trader wants to gather knowledge about forex market he can try a demo account. I started my forex trading with a demo account of Tpglobalfx broker. From there i gather all kind of knowledge when I did some trade with demo account. This is one of the best way to gain knowledge about forex market.

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