The Real Deal: Getting Your Impulse Buying Under Control -- Savings Experiment

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    Meet Heather and Jake from Los Angeles, Calif. Their goal is to save up for a dream wedding in Paris next year. But as we all know, weddings aren't cheap - and so far, they've only saved about $5,000.

    According to Heather, her spending habits may be partially to blame. "I'm an impulse buyer," she admits.

    If you've got a habit like Heather's, don't worry, there's hope! Next time you're shopping and see something you really like, walk away. If it's still on your mind a day or two after, only then should you make that purchase. Chances are if you walk away, you'll realize you don't really need it.

    Jake also has ideas about where he and Heather could seriously trim their budget "We could cut out our gym memberships and just run," he suggests.

    The best way to see where you can make some much-needed cuts is to set up a spreadsheet to see how your expenses are divided every month. This way you can look at how to shift your priorities.

    Want to see if a magical Parisian wedding will be in the cards for Heather and Jake? Check out the video above!
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