Thursday 29 for U.S. markets: and once again, transportation!

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    Much like Europe because European markets often follows somehow Wall Street (I don't think it's so much the reverse, but in theory it could), Wall Street is going a slightly lower today. Transportation is going up, however, with a +0.8% score despite the trucking industry worried by the slowdown of the demand and the higher wages.

    But Federal reserve also published statements and talked today. For the summary, they didn't raised the interest rates in October, yes, but they made a clear statement about the fact the global growth isn't the most important problem but the 2% inflation and the maximum employment is.

    The numbers:
    Dow Jones did -0.13% or -23.72 pts at 17,755.80 pts. S&P 500 did -0.04% or -0.94 pts and is the best performer of Wall Street today, at 2,089.41 pts. Finally, NASDAQ, worst performer, got -0.42% or -21.42 pts at 5,074.27 pts.

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