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    It feels like Thursday is not rallying as it done yesterday, but it still ends with a upward trend for two out of 3 Wall Street markets. To be more precise, the graphic clearly shows a sell-off at the beginning of the session, but, at the end, a rally which finally compensates the original sell-off at the beginning. Basically, the main factor here of this almost "still" day-to-day increase/fall is that Non-Farm Payroll will come tomorrow and be published, as with the fact the manufacturing drop is not dropping that much.

    Dow Jones did -0.08% or -12.69 pts, meanwhile S&P 500 did +0.2% or +3.79 pts and finally NASDAQ did +0.15% or +6.92%. In Dow Jones, Caterpillar is leading the declines meanwhile Pfizer is the one doing the best here. Should we consider Pfizer as someone inside the biotech? Eh.

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