Trading Stocks, Binary Options, and/or Sports Betting Tips

Discussion in 'Stock Market Education' started by Mr.RC, Aug 15, 2014.

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    I have been analysing stocks for a pretty long time, and have found it both useful and fun. I have been using a stock simulator, but have not traded real stocks. Now that I think I am ready, I would like to actually invest in stocks. Tips from forum users seem to be the most efficient, so hopefully I receive productive feedback.

    Also, as I was analysing stocks, I came across binary options. Since I had come across binary options, the simulator(s) for this have been very addicting. I also intend on investing in binary options. Any starter tips on trading binary options would be greatly appreciated.

    When learning about binary options, another idea came to my mind: why not bet on certain sports? Any tips on betting on sports would, again, be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all in advanced!

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