Tuesday 27: Transportation, durable goods

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    Okay, so, for this Tuesday 27, U.S. markets is doing a frowny face. Durable goods orders fell of -1.2% in September, leading to investors worries about the economy health of U.S. and a bad Q3 2015 in their opinion.

    Home prices from S&P/Case-Shiller 20-City Composite did a raise year-after-year of +5.1% in August. Consumer confidence is at 97.6 for October, but it is outside of the expectations.

    As well, transportation are suffering showing a -2.6% in Dow Transportation.
    The numbers now:
    Dow Jones did -0.24% or -41.62 pts at 17,581.43 pts. Then, S&P 500 did -0.26% or -5.29 pts at 2,065.89 pts. Finally, NASDAQ Composite did -0.09% or -4.56 pts at 5,030.15 pts.

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