Tuesday 3: NFP upcoming, oil trading, positive signs

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    It's time to start to talk about non-farm payroll since they will come out next Friday. Meanwhile, markets still opens everyday and that's time to take a look on it.

    U.S. Markets done good today, with good scores almost everywhere. NASDAQ 100 (not the same as NASDAQ Composite) index was above the record close at March 2000 during the technological and Internet bubble.

    Oil is in the trading side, at $47.90, but investors believe it's not a permanent raise here and this could go lower tomorrow or at anytime.
    But it's time to focus on the numbers:
    Dow Jones is at 17,918.15 pts with +0.50% or +89.39 pts. S&P 500, "worst performer" of today, did +0.27% or +5.74 pts at 2,109.79 pts. Finally, NASDAQ Composite got +0.35% or +17.98 pts at 5,145.13 pts.

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