U.S. markets getting higher on Friday, waiting earnings

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    The U.S. markets is once again getting happy of the expectation that Federal Reserve will wait before doing the hiking, meanwhile the earnings of a lot of companies about the Q3 is still not published and planned to get out the next week.
    But that's not only that. U.S. and China are not the closest economies and the U.S. isn't directly affected by China. The problem? The U.S. is trading with country which are, them, really linked with the China's economy.

    Also, meanwhile the Fed is not hiking, they also stopped their QE4 Quantitative Easing plan. So we're in a half situation because after the end of QE4 was planned to get back to higher interest rates.

    The numbers for Friday:
    Dow Jones is up with +0.43% or +74.22 pts at 17,215.97 pts. S&P 500 is at 2,033.11 pts with +0.46% or +9.25 pts. Finally, NASDAQ is with +0.34% or +16.59 pts with 4,886.69 pts.

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