U.S. Stock-Index Futures Fall as Greeks Vote to Reject Austerity

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by MalorieJX, Jul 6, 2015.

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    I would not want to live in Greece right now. Reading again today that a lot of their bigger companies are looking at moving overseas. Uncharted territories is the correct term.. nobody has any experience on how to get out of this because it has never happened before. Is Greece just going to wake up one day and start printing their own money..

    Just from an historical standpoint, I feel the reverse of how I felt when the wall came down in Germany, and to a smaller degree how we just ended the embargo against Cuba. You felt like we were heading into this new, better world. Greece is literally like watching a financial, slow-motion train wreck where the people on board are cheering for the engineer.

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