United Natural Foods Inc: What A Stock!

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    It’s amazing what we have done with United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) in the past few months. United Natural Foods Inc. came into our radar in the month of July, 2019 and was recommended when the stock was selling at $9.75. At this time we had put the fair value of the stock at $47; showing that the stock was selling at a massive discount of about 79%.

    By August, 2019, the price of the stock had fallen to $6.92. Since we still maintain our positive view about the stock, we recommended it once again to our subscribers.

    By September, 2019 the stock reversed its free fall and started moving upward; and we recommended it again in the month of September when it was selling for $7.96. Since we believed it was still deeply valued.


    BY 18th of September, 2019; the stock price had reached about $13.5, and we promptly sold our positions at $13.4. But typical of most small cap stocks, the stock started coming down; and by October, 2019, the stock had come down to around $6.63; and because we felt nothing was seriously wrong with the stock, we put it on the recommendation list in the month of October to our subscribers and we were not disappointed. As at December, 2019, the price has gone up to about $9.96 for a return of about 50% in less than two months.

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