Wall Street not happy of the NFP report

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by WaveWage, Sep 5, 2015.

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    Today, Wall Street has been falling once again. Dow Jones is -1,66%, NASDAQ is -1,05% and S&P 500 is -1,53%. Some articles says it is because of the NFP report that got out, telling that there's new 173,000 new non-farm hired people, and the unemployment rate fell of 0.2 pts.

    Why these numbers looks negative? I know NFP is acting on the Fed rates because they want to have the best knowledge of the factors in play to control correctly the economy (after all, they're there for that purpose), but I can't find the really negative side. They wanted more grow, more new hired people, something else? China is still acting as well, but to what extent? Are the market just afraid of the Fed rates that will come out?
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    That 173k number was well below estimates.

    The best thing the small retail investor can do is not bother with trying to figure out every little thing and how to react to it. If anything, see these big selloffs as opportunities to buy good investments cheaper than they were the day before.

    Just stay focused on contributing whatever you can each payday to your account, and on those longterm goals - having X amount of money at retirement, etc.

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