Wednesday 28, Poor Asian markets with oil decline

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    Poor Asian markets. They're in the red today because of the oil price, it seems, bringing down energy shares. That, and the hesitation of the next meeting of the Federal Reserve about expectations of that interest raise, raise that they don't want so much to happen, after all.

    The good thing is for Japan because markets feels happy...of the stimulus measures the central bank may bring (surprise!) and that makes NIKKEI stay in a good position.

    Time for the numbers:
    NIKKEI is the only Asian index going up Wednesday with +0.67% or +125.98 pts at 18,903.02 pts. Meanwhile, Shangai Composite did the worst with -1.72% or -59.17 pts at 3,375.16 pts. ASX 200 did -0.20% or -10.93 pts at 5,335.22 pts. Hang Sang got -0.80% or -186.16 pts at 22,956.57 pts. Finally, KOSPI got -0.10% or -2.14 pts at 2,042.51 pts.

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