Wednesday 4th: Asian markets happy

Discussion in 'General Trading Discussion' started by WaveWage, Nov 4, 2015.

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    If Asian markets should be summarized into an emoticon, it would be the smiley today. Asian markets feels like happy, once again, and while it doesn't drive other markets up much today (European was mixed, compared to Asia), I think they welcome it.

    The good news for Asia? Energy stocks and Japan's Post IPO. They expect a fail in the supply at Lybia or/and Brazil, that should make oil prices higher. However, oil fell rather to lower scores because of U.S. inventories numbers disclosed recently.

    Here's the numbers:
    NIKKEI is up +1.30% or +243.67 pts at 18;926.91 pts. ASX 200 is softly up +0.06% or +3.10 pts (that's not so good to be Australian in markets these days) at 5,242.30 pts. Shangai Composite does an score of +4.29% or +142.17 pts at 3,458.86 pts. KOSPI is up +0.21% or +4.37 pts at 2,052.77 pts. Finally, Hang Sang Index is up +2.15% or +485.14 pts at 23,053.57 pts.

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