Wednesday 4th: Europe is higher, but German suffers

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    Basically, many indexes of the Europe is going higher, so it is generally a positive sign. But that's not the case for everyone, and the worst performer is probably Germany and its DAX 30.

    Europeans markets are happy of the PMI of China and of the rally that happened on Wednesday. They can't count much on U.S. markets today because they wait data from the Federal Reserves.

    The major problem with DAX 30 is a -9.5% for Volkswagen, or a -8% for Volkswagen-owned Porsche. All the German automotive industry is falling with Volkswagen, with -1.20% for BMW and -2.08% for Daimler;

    The numbers now:
    Best performer out of the 4, FTSE 100 got +0.46% or +29.27 pts at 6,412.88 pts, helped by Glenncore (+6.39%). DAX 30, the worst performer of the 4, did -0.97% or -105.91 pts at 10,845.24 pts. CAC 40 got +0.25% or +12.11 pts at 4,948.29 pts. Finally, IBEX 35 got +0.08% or +8.30 pts at 10,473.50 pts.

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