What Is The Best Stock Market App For Beginners In India?

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    There was a time when a person had to use a phone to buy or sell stock investments by calling to the broker. For this, the broker used to take too much brokerage. But, time has changed now. These days, one can buy or sell stocks through the help of discount broking platforms and stock trading apps. With the nominal brokerage, a trader can enter and exit the trade without any worries.

    However, the volatility has gotten worse by time. Nowadays, the stock market is more volatile than ever. Many people make money in just hours while some people lose within minutes. People who struggle most are beginner investors and traders. There are many stock market apps available in the market which allow traders to day trade equities, commodities, and currencies but only a few apps to assist these traders with their entry and exit positions.

    Good thing is, recently, I come across a wonderful share market app i.e. Advisorymandi.com. The app gives comprehensive information on the latest stock trends, buzzing stocks, and company reports helping the traders with the fundamental analysis and news-based stock picking. But, the speciality is, Advisorymandi is the biggest hub of SEBI-reg. research analysts where around 270+ SEBI analysts provide the recommendations of buy/sell on almost all major scrips.

    The traders can compare the calls of these analysts with one another and choose whichever they see fit. Here, a trader won’t be bound with a single advisor instead can follow whoever matches his trading style.

    In short, it is a great share market app for beginner traders from India. I’ve been using this app from last year and continue to do so. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to at least use this app once.

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