What Is The Best Stock Market App For Both Technical And Fundamental Analysis?

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    When it comes to technical analysis, it has seen that many beginner investors rely on YouTube videos of technical charts to learn the ways of technical analysis. On the other hand, when someone tries to learn the fundamental analysis, they often see TV news, read the newspaper, and use news app to get to know what’s happenings in the day-to-day market. I’m not saying it is not the right way. It’s just there are ways through which one can efficiently learn both in the most simplistic manner.

    As you know that there are plenty of stock market apps in the market claiming to be the best but deep down we know which is good or which is not. Here I’m going to suggest only one app which is proficient for both technical and fundamental analysis.

    The app I’m talking about is Advisorymandi which is India’s next stock market platform where one can meet more than 260+ SEBI-reg. research analysts and take their recommendations in trading stocks, commodities, and other financial securities. The app has a dedicated next-generation charting software which one can use to draw the custom charts while accessing interactive real-time charts. The app’s charting system possesses many featured technical indicators such as Bollinger bands, correlation coefficient, moving average, relative strength index, and much more.

    The app’s charting software covers a wide range of Indian and global exchanges with the widest scrip available.

    To do fundamental analysis of stock the app contains dedicated sections for trending news on global, financial markets, exchanges, political, and economic indicators etc. One can receive alerts on the latest stock updates, political & business news, and economic data to make informed decisions regarding his/her investments. The app provides an opportunity to access the real-time economic calendar, market moving events, and latest from the IPOs, government and private sectors etc.

    In a nutshell, it is one hell of a Advisorymandi stock market app that can be used to invest and trade in the Indian stock market. Nevertheless, if you have anything different in mind please share your views. But, I would definitely request you to try this app only then you will get to know the benefits this app is consistently offering to us.

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