What kind of relationship did you prefer to have with tenants?

Discussion in 'Landlord & Rental Property Questions' started by shilpa123, Nov 3, 2014.

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    There's no way you can stop neighbors of your new tenant from talking about you. Of course if the tenant is smart, they'll take what they hear with a pinch of salt. The important thing is that you earn your tenant's trust . . . and respect. Should you get their trust you needn't worry about what the busybodies/gossipers/etc will be doing.
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    I like to keep it as professional as possible, I let them know at an early stage that while I'm a pretty cool and easygoing guy, I'm not their buddy and my rules are to be followed.
    As long as they follow the agreement and pay their rent on time, I keep the place fixed up and don't have to kick them out.

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