Which Trading System Or Strategy Is The Most Profitable?

Discussion in 'Commodities Forum' started by biglivetrade, Aug 19, 2019.

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    I am not able to generate profit if any successful strategy, Indicator or tips you have, suggest to me.
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    In fact, there is no any best profitable strategy otherwise all traders would use it and it would be well-know. It all depends on particular trader, his personality, skills and experience, and also on his financial capabilities such as access to the markets and initial investment capital. The idea is that each trader has to find (or, it will be better to say, to create) his own unique strategy. For sure, it could be based on some basic principles, but actual realization should be brand new.
    Trader`s psychology is very important too. It should be comfortable for the trader to use his strategy. Some traders prefer active daytrading and even scalping while other mostly interested in deep analysis and thus prefer swing/mid-term trading or even investing. You should choose yourself what works best for you.
    The strategy could be based on the signals provided by various indicators or on the results of rigorous analysis conducted by the trader. In any case, the strategy should contain a set of rules describing each step of the trader from opening a position to managing existing trades.
    One of the most important parts of any strategy is risk management. Trader uses risk management rules to calculate risk per trade and to define proper stop loss level.

    So, if you are going to become a profitable trader, you will have to develop your own strategies that would include all elements listed above, backtest them and then trade strictly in accordance with the rules.

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