Who Is To Blame For The Worsening Us Budget Deficit?

Discussion in 'Politics Discussion' started by longtermbull, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. longtermbull

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    Nov 2016
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    Donald Trump believes that former president Obama is to blame to the worsening US budget deficit. Surely it is a case of Trump encouraging higher expectations than he could ever hope to deliver in such a short space of time? He reckons he can balance the budget in 10 years - some how I don't think so!
  2. JR Ewing

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    Things started getting out of hand in the early 2000's. I'm a Republican, but I didn't care for many of Bush's big govt policies and spending. It's not easy justifying the Iraq war in hindsight.

    And of course Obama was big govt on the domestic front - entitlements, social justice programs, etc.

    It seems as though the only difference these days between most dems and most in the GOP is HOW the money should be spent - both parties largely seem hellbent on borrowing and spending on various things.

    I'd really like to see us get back to fiscal conservatism and the notion of a smaller government mainly concerned only with national defense and related matters - but I'm afraid it may be too late.
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    We have a similar situation in the UK. Successive governments seem to feel they have to promise more and more money to different areas of society to get their vote. All this does is pile up debt for our children and their children, etc.

    They tried austerity over here but the voting public don't want to know - financial suicide in my opinion and a situation very similar to that in the US. When will they stop spending OUR money?

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