Why Trading Strategy Is Not A Fixed Set Of Rules

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    Many traders in the market spend many years in developing a Forex strategy. It is very important for the traders that they have a strategy in the market which they can use to trade the market. Traders think of strategy as some set of rules which they can use in the market for their trading success. The strategy does not rule the market rather it’s the logical understanding of your market. If you think of the strategy as a set of rules, you are mistaken. Rules can be followed by everyone. Not becoming a greedy trader, be a patient trader in the market, trading with the trend, these are rules. They are for every trader in the market. What strategy is it is a set of objectives for each of traders in the market? It is also not for every type of traders, as there are many types of strategies in the market. For instance, most of the professional trader’s strategy is to make money in the online trading world. To be precise you need to consider your trading strategy as solid plan to make a consistent profit.

    So, what is a strategy really?

    The strategy is only the objective understanding of your market movement. For example, you can understand the market trend of a high volatile market, where it is very hard for you to understand the trend in a stable market. You cannot assume where the trend can go. In this scenario, the understanding that you have in the volatile market is the strategy. It is not rules because not every trader has the same ability to trade in the same market. When you know you have a natural quality to understand the volatile market trend than a stable market, you will quickly develop some steps how to understand the market trend in a logical manner. This is what we call strategy. It is not some simple rules that you can use and become a good trader.

    Facts about strategy

    Most professional Singaporean traders say to other traders to stick to their strategy. It is because strategies are not something that you can always change and adapt. You can change your rules of trading less in the market and over trade. But you cannot change your understanding of the stable market. You can practice for a long time, but it will always have some lacking in your knowledge. The strategy is the objectivity, which keeps your focus on your trading and what you want to achieve, though some specific goals which vary for every trader in the CFD trading industry.

    So how do we make a profit?

    The answer is pretty simple. In order to make consistent profit in the financial industry, you always need to focus on quality trade execution. Most of the novice traders in an online trading industry fail to make money since they don’t have any specific trading goals. For instance, every professional trader expect a certain percentage of their trading account as their return in every single month. If you are relatively new in forex trading then you should learn the market basics first as it will help you to filter the best possible trades in the market. Try to master the art of price action trading strategy and trade the key support and resistance levels on the market with proper risk management factors. Never place any trade against the long-term prevailing trend as it will increase the risk exposure to a great extent.
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    Yes, there is no fixed rule set for doing best trading in the stock market. Strategies build by analysing of both past and current situations.It is totally up to you how well you can absorb market situation and can build strong strategies for you.Every investor has their own way and technique to earn a profit. A good knowledge of the market and experience in trading makes them able to forecast future situation and take decision accordingly.
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    regard trading as a business ..
    if it is run properly one make profit if not :rolleyes: no taking-return ... losing capital and eventually going bankrupt :(


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