Would The Stock Market Collapse If Donald Trump Was Impeached?

Discussion in 'Politics Discussion' started by Buyonthedips, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Buyonthedips

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    Donald Trump seems to think that worldwide stock markets would collapse and there would be anarchy in America if he was impeached. Surely the president is getting a little ahead of himself? However, there is a growing opinion that it is turning into something of a witchhunt against him. How do you think stock markets would react if he was impeached?
  2. fireopal

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    Trumpty clearly thinks/believes the universe revolves around him but don't think stock market will suffer all that much if impeached. However & even though he should be impeached due to infractions much more significant than the "lying-cigar" (democratic) president, i so hope this doesn't happen because Pence is very scary!!

    PS - catching up on news & back to post an article >> Here’s why rising Trump impeachment odds aren’t rattling stock-market investors - https://www.marketwatch.com/story/h...emains-immune-to-trumps-legal-woes-2018-08-22
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  3. gowiththeflow

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    I am starting to think that impeachment would be welcomed by many Americans who have grown tired of DT flip flopping between different policies. Why cant he just have a few months where he is not controversial, plays his A game and just gets on with it. He does not have to be in the headlines ALL of the time.
  4. longtermbull

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    Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump does have some good ideas. However, his greatest weakness is not being able to admit defeat and retire gracefully.

    He has backed himself into a corner with the Mexican wall as many backed him as a point of principle but he is demanding funding of $5 billion which has literally brought the government to a standstill. Good politicians know when to pick their battles.

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