Yellen's Labor Market Dashbosrd

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by baudwalk, Dec 4, 2015.

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    This web page of labor data statistics is routinely updated. You may want to bookmark it. The items reflect the significant data sets used by Yellen and the FOMC. Hardly significant, but I notice the usually-ignored labor force participation rate finally wiggled up 0.1% to a still pathetically low 62.5%. Short of an utter disaster, the FOMC will rate the rate by 25 basis points. Some pundits, including Guy Adami, suggest the December rate hike will be one and done... for a year... not to be revisited until December 2016. We shall see.
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    They're saying it's a done deal, but I wouldn't be shocked if something else is used as an excuse to hold off again - such as the current global situation, or any number of domestic issues that may even have nothing to do with the interest rate environment.

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